Our company started operating in 1978 under the parent company, Αlexis Tsiakkas & co LTD in downtown Limassol.

At the time, a small part of the store was turned into a photocopy center for small and large size prints. With the evolution of technology over the years, our company increased its investment in more advanced and larger machines. High-quality machines started to enter our lives for good.

In 2017 we moved to our own offices and expanded our printing services. At the time we began printing high-quality digital documents such as business cards, advertising cards brochures, invitation cards, event tickets, and many more. In the large prints, you will find architectural drawings, banners, posters, stickers, labels, products, canvases, photo booth frames, etc.

In a bid to understand the industry a few years ago, we developed our services to include customized gifts. Here, we helped our customers make beautiful and unique gifts for their loved ones. For example, you could put your favorite photos such as family members, and write a wonderful message of love. After editing and printing, you will send the gift card to your friends, lover, or family.

The year 2020, was very difficult for us and it made us rethink and reconsider our old business model. We created our online store where you can create and design your prints without having special knowledge in graphic design. You will create it online and then we will print it and send it to you.

We hope you enjoy it!