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Upload your Drawings in PDF files so we can print it on scale.
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Αρχιτεκτονικά Σχέδια
από Α3-Α0
Έγχρωμα ή Μαυρόασπρα
Ανεβάστε τα αρχεία σας σε PDF για να εκτυπωθούν σε scale και στο πραγματικό τους μέγεθος
Που είναι με βάση το PDF.

Στο κατάστημα παρέχουμε και την σάρωση μεγάλων σχεδίων σε έγχρωμο και μαυρόασπρο

CAD Drawings
from A3 – A0 and more…
Colour or Black and White
Upload your files (pdf) so we can print it on scale according of the size of pdf file.

To our shop we can provide also, wide format scan , colour and black & white


CAD Drawings Printing Service

At Tsiakkas Copy Center, we deliver CAD drawings built with digital expertise. Our platform allows you to upload drawings made using software such as AutoCAD and also Revit depending on your specific requirements. The drawings are either in 2D or 3D and tailor-made to suit the property detail. After printing, you will find them effective in modeling, evaluating different environments, and marketing your property.

Our product sizes include A3 up to A0 depending on the property requirements. You can talk to us if the CAD drawings require customized features. You can also request the addition of different colors or leave it in the default- black and white style. We will request you to send your drawings in PDF format. This feature enables us to print the drawings to scale.

Our online shop has design elements such as layouts and varying fonts that you can use. Black and white drawings have a standard price rate. Colored prints have different prices depending on the drawing size. Our CAD printer also provides wide-formats to help include detailed elements that are large-sized.

Talk to us today and we will be happy to serve you.


A4, A3, A2, A1, A0


Black & White, Color


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